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This big scale 1/16 R/C Tank Series kit depicts the Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang tank destroyer. The German AFV, which proved formidable following its introduction late in WWII, was a popular release in the 1/35 Military Miniature series of static models in 2014. The «Lang» (German for «long») in its name was added to distinguish it from its predecessor with a shorter L/48 7.5cm gun; the design featuring a wedge-shaped glacis plate and utilizing the Pz.Kpfw. IV chassis was largely shared by the L/48 and L/70 varieties. 930 Jadgpanzer IV /70(V) Langs were produced between August 1944 and March 1945, and fought bravely in last-gasp actions such as along the Ardennes front from December 1944.

Take Control of a Fearsome Tank Hunter
This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit of the Jagdpanzer IV Lang /70(V), an L/70 7.5cm gun-toting German tank destroyer that proved a fearsome opponent for allied armored vehicles after its appearance near the end of WWII. The smartly-sloped, low form is recreated with aplomb, and separate parts are included to accurately depict Schürzen armor, tools, spare track links and other accessories. A sturdy base is provided by the chassis with numerous metal parts. Pair this model with a separately sold 4ch R/C system to take control of a whole range of tank and gun ments, with highly realistic sounds synchronized with the model’s actions, not to mention gun recoil, vehicle kickback and more. Take it a step further, and add the separately available Tamiya Battle System to have mock battles with other Tamiya R/C tanks.

Powerful, Durable Motion
Front-mounted pre-assembled gearbox features twin Type 380 motors for plenty of power. Highly realistic running is provided by a durable frame employing metal chassis and drive sprocket parts, plus leaf sprung bogies; take on uneven terrain with confidence!

Main Gun Fires with Ferocity
A precision made aluminum gun barrel accurately reproduces the main gun which protrudes from the distinctive “Saukopf” mantlet. When firing, main gun roars and muzzle flashes thanks to a flashtube in the barrel. The barrel recoils after firing via the fighting compartment interior gearbox, and then returns smoothly to the original position. Vehicle kickback is also recreated by the drive gearbox.

About the Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang
Despite fighting in a losing cause, the German Jagdpanzer IV Lang /70(V) and its L/70 7.5cm gun quickly proved a fearsome opponent for allied armored vehicles after its appearance near the end of WWII. Like its L/48 7.5cm shorter-gunned predecessor, the Lang used the tried and tested Pz.Kpfw.IV chassis with a smartly-sloped covered fighting compartment on top. It was dubbed “Lang” (German for “long”) to differentiate it from the L/48 gun variant, with /70 denoting the caliber and (V) its manufacture by the company Vomag. 930 Jadgpanzer IV /70(V) Langs were produced between August 1944 and March 1945, and fought with tenacity in actions such as those along the Ardennes front from December 1944, their exceptional range and power troubling Allied forces until the last.

★Length: 532mm, width: 202mm, height: 130mm. Weight (approx.): 2,770g.
★Sloped form and L/70 7.5cm gun are reproduced with accuracy.
★Machined aluminum gun barrel
★Separate parts are used to recreate accessories including hull-side Schüzen armor plates.
★Model features forward and reverse movement, plus a range of turns from on-the-spot pivots to gradual ones.
★Highly authentic sounds, and gun flashes are synchronized with the movement of the model.
★Compatible with separately available Tamiya Battle System.


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