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Dette er nok den beste dronen for begynnere.

Den har en smart ring rundt hele dronen som beskytter at propellene treffer vegger, kanter, hjørner osv. Dette betyr at den kan brukes av de aller yngste.

Ovni dronen har 3 forskjellige flight modes, som gjør at den også er veldig morsom å fly for den erfarne pilot.

Ringen rundt dronen er opplyst med LED lys. Dette gjør den lettere å orientere, samt perfekt i mørket!



The revolutionary chassis of the Ovni drone make it the best drone for beginners. The frame-shaped protects it from impacts against walls and roof reducing the age of play. The Ovni drone also includes three levels of speed for different types of users. Make incredible flips in very small spaces and fly it in any space.


Protected propellers enhance the security of your Ovni drone. Take it wherever you want thanks to its small size. 2.4Ghz technology for extended range and free-interference multiplayer option. Play with more than 40 friends at the same time with independent frequencies.


The Ovni drone performs 360o acrobatics in all directions in small spaces. 4-channel movement (up / down, left / right, front / back and warps at the sides). It incorporates front and rear lights to fly it also in the dark.


Efficient Li-Po battery 150 milliamps and 3.7 volts. Charge it in your computer or with your USB port transformer. The transmitter requires 2 AAA batteries. Its dimensions (7.5cm x 7.5cm x 4cm high) make it great for indoors. It includes spare blades. Remember that each propeller has its place and must respect its location.


  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Three speed modes
  • 4-channel 2.4GHz and technology
  • More than 30m range
  • Dimensions 7,5×7,5cm
  • Protected rotors
  • It allows 360o acrobatics
  • Front and rear lights
  • Includes battery charger with USB port + spare blades
  • 3.7v 150mAh Li-Po battery



Drone 4-channels ready to fly

Wide range and interference-free 2.4Ghz transmitter

3.7v 150mAh Li-Po battery

USB charger cable

Spare propellers

Handbook in 6 languages


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